Lupie and Smokedogg fell in love on a dance floor 30+ years ago.  After getting married, they started a resident management company and after traveling coast to coast for 20+ years, happily retired to live their dream! 

 Coming from small rural towns to living in a big city was an adjustment to say the least, lol, but they now proudly call San Diego home, they love it and love the 'Cali vibes' lol! Here's a small, fun tidbit about the couple that very people have been told, lol:  when they first arrived in San Diego and for the first few months, they traveled back (surface) streets because the interstates were terrifying to them, lol but after Smokedogg became a Patrol Driver for a Security Company, he 'owns' the interstates now, lol! 

Lupie was diagnosed with Lupus over 37 years ago, was at times, taking up to 36 pharmacy (big pharma) pills a day! Feeling like the big pharma meds hurt more than the lupus, and desperate to feel better, she threw away all of the big pharma meds (not recommended all at once, lol) and began researching Holistic Health along with herbal remedies because in reality, our ancestors did not have 'modern' pharmacies (Walmart, CVS, etc.), they relied on nature, herbs, flowers and natural remedies so why shouldn't we?!?  

After graduating from THC University, Lupie took advantage of her chemistry background (previously a Medical Lab Tech before lupus diagnoses) and 'dissected' the top 3 big pharma meds in hopes of finding a 'natural' solution to replace the big pharma meds!  Thankfully, cannabis is legal in California, so Lupie was able to test various cultivars! 

Eight long years later, after struggling with setbacks, sicknesses, blood, sweat and tears, Lupies Gold, a three-strain cultivar was developed!  

Lupies Gold eases pain, decreases inflammation, increases appetite, promotes sleep and reduces stress (which is important because stress is one of the major causes of a lupus 'flare')!  Note:  Lupies Gold, not only helps Lupus but other chronic illnesses! 

Since the development of Lupies Gold, Lupie has amazed her doctors because she is STILL big pharma med free, her blood work is great (meaning she is STILL in remission) and she feels amazing!  Quoting Lupie "trust me, I'm beyond grateful to be thriving, not just striving but THRIVING and I'm so happy to be living my best life as pain free as possible!"

A question that is asked frequently.:  why is it called Lupies Gold?  

'Lupie' is a person suffering from Lupus; so, as a way to honor all of us living with this horrible autoimmune disease Tam thought 'Lupies' would be appropriate!  

And 'Gold' because she feels that the 'Gold,' at the end of the rainbow after a storm has been found (of course, she considers Lupus a storm)! 

Smokedogg experiences excruciating pain, due to loss of oxygen that happened because of a rare lung infection that led to a medical induced coma which caused long-term nerve damage along with several other issues!

Throughout the years, Smokedogg's been prescribed several big pharmacy meds but refuses due to the numerous, horrific side effects!  As we all know, Smokedogg hates big pharma (his words..."they suck", lol!)!  He has replaced all big pharma meds with Lupies Gold; thankfully, it relieves his pain, helps keep anxiety under control, promotes sleep and calms his nervous system so he has less seizures; he also adds other herbal remedies to his daily regimen to maintains his blood pressure (such as Valerian Root, Magnesium and Fish Oil) at times, he uses psilocybin mushrooms to ease PTSD symptoms!

So, like Lupie, Smokedogg is grateful to be living his best life as pain free as possible without the harmful, horrific side effects from big pharma meds!  

Anyone who knows the couple and/or has watched any of their videos, knows they love advocating for cannabis, holistic wellness and herbal remedies, anything and everything all natural!  They're very open and honest about how much they despise big pharma because they feel there is a natural remedy/herb/cannabinoid/flower for any sickness, disease or issue!  And besides, like stated in a previous paragraph:  'ancestors did not have pharmacies, such as Wal Greens, CVS or Wal Mart!'  They relied on natural remedies, they used G-d grown meds, and mother nature's herbs and flowers!  

So, before accepting any big pharma prescriptions, ask your doctor one question and see how much they care about you:

"Is there a natural remedy for this prescription?"