520Aftermath began on July 24th, 2020, during one of the worst times in our history, the infamous 'world shut down' due to Covid-19!  

Lupie, Smokedogg and a few friends were sitting around a table, talking about everything going on in the crazy, 'masked up, shut down' world, when Smokedogg, jokingly said "these crazy conversations people have during 420 should be a podcast, let's do it!" And so, 520Aftermath was 'born!' 

In essence, 520 is the 'Aftermath' of 420!  

Sharing information whether it be current events, wellness tips, awareness, advocating, hating on big pharma, fun facts or breaking the stigma regarding cannabis, 520Aftermath will chat about it!

520Aftermath is always open to suggestions, so please, feel free to contact us if you have something you would like to talk about! 

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